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Smart Drones for Business

"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."

- Leonardo Da Vinci

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The Adia platform can be installed in any drone, enhancing it with Artificial Intelligence, Fly-Over-The-Internet capabilities, Autonomous flight abilities, and many more features.

Enhance your DJI drone with the Adia platform, sharing your video feed in real-time with friends & family, and letting them fly remotely.

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ADIA comes with multiple cameras and sensors to understand its environment

Artificial Intelligence

AI algorithms are included in ADIA, in order to perform sensor fusion, map environments with SLAM, and also recognize and track people based on their faces and body movement.

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Train ADIA to master new skills.

Games, learning, sports, architecture, prototyping, science. Create apps, from basic 5-minute scripts to interconnected fleets of drones linked to your internet service. There is no easier way to get started with drones than with ADIA.

A flexible drone for your home

If you're looking to make a new drone service company, you can count on ADIA as your prototyping platform, and we will provide an advance technology platform so that you can focus on your business logic and user experience rather than dealing with drone hardware, artificial intelligence infrastructure and computer vision. We provide an API for the most common tasks as well as a more advanced API for special custom tasks.

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Adia Films

Start to show up in your own photos

Tell ADIA exactly how you want the shot and it will add a touch of artistic genius.

You can draw the path on a map and choose from a few pre-designed filming behaviors so that you can have the perfect shot.


Adia Delivers

Stop waiting and start doing

Deliver food, medicine, groceries, or a last-minute gift for that special someone.

Stores can sign up to offer affordable and fast delivery for up to 5 miles range.

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Code your drone app or service in a matter of minutes.

With CODE, our integrated development environment, you'll be able to make 5-minute programs that work.

You can use Python or C++, and use simple libraries to get started with your prototype.

We offer both easy to use straightforward classes as well as more advanced, customizable, and robust classes, to help you scale your prototype into a fully fledged commercial service.



Run your code immediately without any uploading or vetting bureucracy. See your program running live, debug it and modify it quickly so you can test assumptions.



Share your creations so that everyone can enjoy them and improve their day-to-day experience. You can make your apps in any language and platform, as we provide a simple communication API in python and REST protocol

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